Thursday, July 14, 2011

Art Salon at Indy PPD -- Calling Magical Artists!

Last year was the launch of the Art Salon at Indy's Pagan Pride Day. It was a successful inauguration, and we are looking forward to continuing with this magical alchemy in 2011.

The process is simple enough:

1. You (the painter, photographer, sculptor, pen-and-ink wielder,etc) prepare/select 1-3 art pieces along a Pagan, magical or occult theme. (If you doubt the fit of a piece for this installation, send me a pic for review.)

2. You (the artist) reserve a spot with me (the Art Salon Coordiantor). I'll get some details from you at this time to make both of our lives easier on Sept 24 (the day of Indy PPD). This will include name, size, price, etc. for each piece.

3. We both arrive during the set-up time (8am-10am) on Sept 24th at Broad Ripple Park to get set up. You leave you work lovingly in my care and enjoy your day. NOTE: Hanging art should be wire-hung.

My beloveds caught in front of the art stands!
4. You come back at 5pm to pick up your portion of the sale (or any unsold pieces).  You will keep 90% of the price you set, and 10% will be a donation from you to PPD.

We thank our community for this opportunity to showcase their work!

Please pass this information along to any artists who may be interested in participating. Address all questions to Laurelei at

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