Sunday, August 28, 2011

Black Cross -- Fae Ritual -- 10/7/11

Friday, October 7, 2011
Ritual: 7:00 pm

Mandy of the Gnostic Order of the Black Cross is leading an outdoor ritual and camping event just outside of the Black Cross Temple in Elnora, In. Those planning on camping should have tents set up and be ready for ritual by 7:00pm on Friday.

From Marcus Pulis, Grand Hierophant of Black Cross: "The ritual is a Faery style ritual which is a nice change. That doesn't from what I understand mean you should expect it to be less intense as I am told the Fae are quite fun. This ritual will be done outdoors next to the Temple at our fire area. I look forward to seeing what Mandy does."

Families with children are welcomed, but I (Laurelei) am certain that the members of Black Cross will appreciate all ritual participants adhering to a certain level of ritual etiquette.

To RSVP and receive driving directions, contact Marcus Pulis at

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