Monday, August 29, 2011

Cafe Thelema, 9/14/11

Wed, Sept 14, 2011 @ 7-9 pm
Rachael's Cafe
300 E 3rd St, Bloomington

"Brother (Mad Doctor) Beebz will be giving a beginner's guide to the modern chemical analysis of the 'Elixir of Immortality.' I'm especially looking forward to all of the newfangled charts, graphs, and other inscrutables."
 From Thelemapedia: Alchemy is an early practice combining elements of chemistry, physics, astrology, art, semiotics, metallurgy, medicine, mysticism, and religion. Two intertwined goals sought by many alchemists were the philosopher's stone, a mythical substance which would enable the transmutation of common metals into gold; and the universal panacea, a remedy that would cure all diseases and prolong life indefinitely. Alchemy can be regarded as the precursor of the modern science of chemistry prior to the formulation of the scientific method. 
For more information, contact the organizer via Facebook: Beebs & Phainolis

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