Friday, July 13, 2012

8/11/2012 Voudou Ritual

As the Temple of Eternal Light begins to open our rituals up to curious friends and acquaintances in the Bloomington area, we will rotate our ritual focus each month among the different spiritual traditions our members study and follow.

This month, Cassie will lead us in a ritual honoring the Voudou Lwa. Saturday, August 11.

Please gather at 7:00pm; ritual will begin sharply at 7:30pm. We anticipate an end time of about 10:30.

This ritual will take place at a private residence in Bloomington, IN. If you wish to attend and do not know the address, please contact Beckie Wagner or Midnyte Hierax for further information. Please keep in mind: if we do not know you, we will likely ask to meet you prior to the date of ritual and our time is limited; the earlier you express interest, the better. Also, an allergy warning: 2 cats, 2 (small) dogs present.

This ritual is not child friendly and we cannot offer child care; please make your own arrangements if necessary. Mature teenagers under the age of 18 may attend when accompanied by a legal parent or guardian.

Questions? Ask here, or via private message to Beckie, Midnyte, or Cassie.

Beckie --  

Midnyte --

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